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We Are Loudly Silent, Assertively Contemplative, Humbly Prophetic

We are a Friends or Quaker Church located in north Seattle. We are a community of people gathered to Listen to God and follow God’s Leadings. We love Jesus! We are all ministers and seek to liberate each other in our ministries. We welcome all who desire to join us in this God adventure as we Listen to God and liberate each other to live into our God place in our world!

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Programmed Meeting for Worship, 11:00 am

As Quakers we gather in Meeting for Worship, expecting the Living God to speak directly to each one of us. All elements of Meeting for Worship are infused with a Quaker perspective. Friends acknowledge the power of proclamation into the world. Sound is perpetual—therefore we sing God’s love and truth into the world.

Each person can have a direct and unique experience of God. We learn about the love of God by hearing the way God is working in each others’ lives. In God stories we are creating a safe place where every person can share what is real in his/her life.

The center of worship is Open Worship. The intent of open worship is to create the spaciousness of silence so that each person can hear for his/her own self. Often times we “hear”/sense God quite clearly during this time. The question we then ask is: is this message for me alone, for another time/situation, or am I to share it with the group?

Pastoral Friends usually have a message during the worship service. But this is not the centerpiece of our gathered meeting. It is one of the ways that the Spirit teaches and guides—but the sermon is as much under the immediate leadership of the Holy Spirit as is sharing in Open Worship. The message is open ended with the expectation that God will continue to illumine individuals and the group around the topic. All messages—from open worship and the sermon—are to be held in listening expectation as we leave our time together.

Silent Worship and Meditation, 8:30-9:15 am

The Meeting Room is open for silent worship and meditation. All are welcome.


You Are Welcome Here


Do you have a yearning for God and a keen sense of spirituality, yet you can’t quite find a fit with traditional churches? Do you have a relationship with God that brings you peace, but you don’t know how to be part of church-as-you-know it? Over 350 years ago, Friends shed the trappings of their traditional church. They knew that the heart of Christianity was a direct, experiential relationship with Jesus. If a person had this relationship, they didn’t need anything else. If a person didn’t have it, nothing else would satisfy. It started a movement in which people gathered to know God together—and waited to hear from God directly. This began the custom of waiting in Silence for ministry to emerge rather than depending upon clergy to do the God-work. More than just changing worship, it changed the way Friends conducted business together. In fact, it changed a lot of things, leading us to beliefs of equality among all people, peacemaking, simplicity, and social justice.

North Seattle Friends Church is the evangelical Friends presence in Seattle. This just might be what you have been looking for in a church. Join us for the God-adventure.


Our Witness and Care for Each Other and the World




North Seattle Friends Church is a group of people caravanning together. We seek to be present in the world and to the next thing that is ours to do. As we journey together, we find that ministries emerge among us and begin to take shape. Generally those emerging ministries begin in one person and find resonance in others. As a people, we want to liberate the ministries as they rise.

Currently we have a wide variety of ministries in our community, which range from ministries of accompaniment to teaching to service to witness. While a few of those ministries are centered within the context of our Meeting, many are dispersed throughout the wider community as we are liberated to do ministry within our own context.

Several years ago, we discovered the truth that as we are liberated in our callings and ministries, we are all ministers of North Seattle Friends Church. An orthodontist realized that when she offers pro bono orthodontic work, it is her ministry and that she does that as a Minister of North Seattle Friends Church. The idea took deep resonance within our community and we began to own that we all do ministry in the name of the larger community.

Likewise, we discovered that we accompany each other in those ministries, even when we are not physically present. It is not uncommon for someone to tell us where we are all going in the next week as one person prepares to travel in the ministry. We all recognize that our spirits will accompany the one traveling in ministry and in that sense we all go together. This accompaniment is powerful in that we recognize that we also accompany one another on difficult journeys. Knowing that others are with us in spirit makes a huge difference.

For those who are part of North Seattle Friends and would like the support of the Meeting, you are encouraged to submit a proposal for an emerging ministry to which you feel called. Administry will consider your proposal with you and come alongside to see how it might unfold among us. When your proposal is received, Administry will begin to discern way forward. You will be part of the discernment process as we all Listen to God’s Leading for us at North Seattle Friends. We love to see emerging ministries take root among us.

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