Calendar for the Week

December 14 to December 24, 2017

Sunday, December 17

8:30am Silent Worship
9:30am Special Meeting for Learning
11am Meeting for Worship

Monday, December 18

10am Stone Soup Quilting, Quilt Studio

Thursday, December 21

9:30am Bible Study, Landaas residence

On December 17 Meeting for Learning is doing the Friends Committee on National Legislation Priorities Process to help determine the national legislative priorities for which FCNL will lobby in the 2018-2019 session of the U.S. congress. Join us!

Way of the Spirit. A new class is gathering for 2018, our 7th year. Participants and alumni are responding with grace and courage to our tumultuous times. If you long for transformative retreats and learning, now’s the time to apply. Find brochures at the back of Meeting Room or visit the Good News Associates/Way of the Spirit website. THE DEADLINE IS DECEMBER 31, 2017.

Raising funds for Sierra-Cascades Yearly Meeting. Our new yearly meeting is raising money to support its operation. North Seattle Friends Church has a goal of $2000 and will match donations up to $1000. Make checks out to North Seattle Friends Church with SCYMF in the memo line. Let’s all chip in to make our goal!

Backup greeters needed. Are you available to help out as a greeter on occasion when Reggie and Tanya aren’t here? Let them know you are willing to be asked.

Greater Seattle Quakers for Peace and Justice (also known as Rapid Response) will now be holding their meetings once a month via conference call and quarterly face-to-face.  Meetings will be posted on the calendar on the Greater Seattle Quakers for Peace and Justice Facebook group page and also in the bulletin.  For more information see the Facebook page or contact the church office.

Two ways of being community
1. Jubilee Fund. One of the ways we can be community together is by coming alongside those who are short of money. Through our Jubilee Fund, we provide such assistance with no expectation of repayment. Your donations are greatly appreciated. .
2. Community Savings Fund. Another way we can be community is by “spotting” money at crunch time. Say you suddenly get a car repair bill that you don’t have time to save up for. The Community Savings Fund can cover your bill and you can restock the fund when you’re able. The Quaker Oats box located at the back of the Meeting room is the designated receptacle for these donations and requests. If we add small amounts regularly, it adds up to a significant “kitty” available for use as needs arise in the church family.