Calendar for the Week

March 21 to March 31

Sunday, March 24

8:30am Silent Worship
9:30am Meeting for Learning
11am Meeting for Worship

Monday, March 25

10am Stone Soup Quilting, Quilt Studio

Thursday, March 28

Bible Study at Landaas residence

Quaker men from churches and meetings throughout the Northwest will gather at Camp Tilikum, March 29-31. Their 2019 theme is Identifying, Sharing & Living Into Spiritual Gifts. Contact Al Hendrix at

Sierra Cascades Yearly Meeting of Friends Annual Conference May 24-26, 2019. Canby Grove Christian Center 7501 S. Knights Bridge Rd., Canby, OR 97013 This is the second annual session for Sierra Cascades Yearly Meeting of Friends, since our formation in 2017. Our gathering at Canby Grove will combine business with worship, education, communitybuilding, and fun. Find registration form at

Are you a plant person?
Our former tenant NEST left three plants that we would like to see adopted. Please see the plants, now in Dove’s office, if you’d like consider adopting.

Meeting for Learning is now reading Race and Place, by David Leong. This book describes race and place in the 21st century as well as in the Bible. Join us at 9:30 Sunday mornings!

Quaker Queries

Friends have developed the Queries to assist us to consider prayerfully the true source of spiritual strength and the extent to which the conduct of our lives gives witness to our Christian faith.

In using these Queries, meetings and individuals should be aware that our standards of conduct do not derive from an outward set of rules but rather from the life and teachings of Jesus as recorded in the New Testament, from the examples offered by the spiritual experiences and lives of those who have preceded us, and from our own encounters with that inward revelation through which “the way, the truth, and the life” seek expression today.
Here are queries to ponder:
Spiritual Life
Do you live in thankful awareness of God’s constant presence in your life?
Are you sensitive and obedient to leadings of the Holy Spirit?
Do you seek to follow Jesus, who shows us the way?
Do you nurture your spiritual life with prayer and silent waiting and with regular study of the Bible and other devotional literature?
These particular queries are from the New England Yearly Meeting.

Peace through Pieces is a North Seattle Friends Church project that helps women in Burundi recover from intertribal violence by quilting. See and purchase their works at the back of the meeting room.

Writers and Visual Artists
Western Friend magazine is seeking to publish articles, art and photography from Friends in the western United States. Please see yellow handbills in the foyer and contact

Recording of Worship on Website. We regularly record the message during Meeting for Worship and make it available on the church website at Scroll down and click on Messages under Ministries.

Check out the display of quilts in the east hallway outside the Meeting Room. The designs are made by Quaker Quilters and Stone Soup Quilters.

Do parrots eat carrots? In the foyer there is a binder on whose cover is this poem, that when published earned $1 for a 10-year-old who today belongs to North Seattle Friends Church. The binder holds creative expression by our people.

Smooth, gentle Inner Light Soap helps fund Way of the Spirit while pampering sensitive skin. Find Way of the Spirit brochures and Inner Light Soap at the back of the Meeting Room. It is also available online through Good News Associates.