Calendar for the Week

May 24 to May 31, 2018

Sunday, May 27

8:30am Silent Worship
9:30am Meeting for Learning
11am Meeting for Worship

Monday, May 28

10am Stone Soup Quilting, Quilt Studio

Thursday, May 31

9:30am Bible Study, Landaas residence

NEW church office hours are now 10am—1pm, Monday–Thursday.

Meeting for Business will be held Sunday, June 3rd right after Meeting for Worship, about 12:15pm.

During worship this morning Dove John will share from her experience at the Pendle Hill gathering “Truth and Healing: Quakers Seeking Right Relationship with Indigenous Peoples.

Bring the whole family up to Quaker Cove over Memorial Day weekend. See Friends Camp brochures in the foyer or go to

Opportunity to Worship with Traveling Ministers on Tuesday, June 5—Friends are invited to worship with Lloyd Lee Wilson and C. Wess Daniels as they travel together in the ministry in the Pacific Northwest. Join us in this convergent gathering of Quakers from Seattle-area meetings and churches. In a tradition of traveling ministry among Friends, Lloyd Lee and Wess have no agenda other than a sense that if they are faithful to this leading, something divinely good will happen as we worship and share together. We will gather at North Seattle Friends Church on Tuesday, June 5, 2018. At 6:30pm we are invited for greeting and conversation followed by Meeting for Worship at 7pm. Additional information is available here.

QuEST Fellows Share Their Stories Our Promise Partner directs QuEST (Quaker Experiential Service & Training), a ministry of University and South Seattle Friends Meetings supporting six recent college graduates in a year of living together in community and working at social justice agencies. Come hear this year’s QuEST Fellows share their experiences at South Seattle Friends Meeting, 9:30-10:30 am Sunday, June 3.

Meeting for Learning is now reading Eager to Love: The Alternative Way of Francis of Assisi, by Richard Rohr This is an inspiring work with guidance for social justice work today. Join us at 9:30 Sunday mornings!

The 2018 Pacific NW Quaker Women’s Theology Conference will be held in Canby, Oregon, June 6-10, 2018. It is an opportunity for Quaker women from the Northwest and beyond to explore Quaker spirituality, meet women from a range of Quaker traditions in a spiritually safe, respectful environment and experience personal growth. See the website for more information.

Smooth, gentle Inner Light Soap helps fund Way of the Spirit while pampering sensitive skin. Find Way of the Spirit brochures and Inner Light Soap at the back of the Meeting Room. It is also available online through Good News Associates.