Calendar for the Week

July 12 28 to July 22 2018

Sunday, July 15

8:30am Silent Worship
9:30am Meeting for Learning
11am Meeting for Worship

Monday, July 16

10am Stone Soup Quilting, Quilt Studio

Thursday Bible Study at Landaas Residence will not meet over the summer. Stay tuned for more information.

NEW church office hours are 10am—1pm, Monday–Thursday.

Meeting for Learning is now reading Eager to Love: The Alternative Way of Francis of Assisi, by Richard Rohr This is an inspiring work with guidance for social justice work today. Join us at 9:30 Sunday mornings!

Quaker Queries
Friends have developed the Queries to assist us to consider prayerfully the true source of spiritual strength and the extent to which the conduct of our lives gives witness to our Christian faith. To these ends, the Queries should be read frequently in private devotions and regularly in monthly and quarterly meetings. 

In using these Queries, meetings and individuals should be aware that our standards of conduct do not derive from an outward set of rules but rather from the life and teachings of Jesus as recorded in the New Testament, from the examples offered by the spiritual experiences and lives of those who have preceded us, and from our own encounters with that inward revelation through which “the way, the truth, and the life” seek expression today.

Here are a few more of the queries to ponder:

Do you welcome inquirers and visitors to your meeting?
Do you encourage their continued attendance and participation?
Do you seek to share and to interpret the faith of Friends and to cooperate with others in spreading the Christian message?

These particular Queries are from New England Yearly Meeting of Friends
More Quaker Queries will be shared here in upcoming weeks.

Recording of Worship on Website. We regularly record the message during Meeting for Worship and make it available on the church website at Scroll down and click on Messages under Ministries.

Smooth, gentle Inner Light Soap helps fund Way of the Spirit while pampering sensitive skin. Find Way of the Spirit brochures and Inner Light Soap at the back of the Meeting Room. It is also available online through Good News Associates.