Exploring Quakers

Exploring Quakers

Sunday afternoons, September 8 and 15 from 1 to 3:30 pm

Lunch is provided

Exploring Quakers is a 2 part workshop taught by Lorraine Watson and Jan Wood. Come learn about Quakers. Over 350 years ago, Friends shed the trappings of their traditional church. They knew that the heart of Christianity was a direct, experiential relationship with Jesus. If a person had this relationship, they didn’t need anything else. If a person didn’t have it, nothing else would satisfy. It started a movement in which people gathered to know God together—and waited to hear from God directly. This began the custom of waiting in Silence for ministry to emerge rather than depending upon clergy to do the God-work. More than just changing worship, it changed the way Friends conducted business together. In fact, it changed a lot of things, leading us to beliefs of equality among all people, peacemaking, simplicity, and social justice.

Please RSVP to Lorraine or the church office.