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Tim Burdick



Tim Burdick from North Seattle Friends Church is a member of the YCEW Global Team traveling to Bolivia, South America June 24 – July 9, 2016. You can read updates on their trip at this website.

Earlier this spring, Tim shared his story about joining the YCEW team. Listen to Tim’s story by clicking on the audio file below.


March 6, 2016 — Are You Relevant to Others? by Tim Burdick


YCEW “Youth (and the Young-at-heart) Challenged to Expand their Worldview” is a short-term summer mission trip for high school youtYCEW Globalh and adults of all ages in the NWYM of Friends. This year will be the first intergenerational YCEW trip, inviting more adults of all ages to participate, not just the trip’s leaders. YCEW 2016 will be serving in Bolivia!

In the early 1930s Northwest Yearly Meeting (then known as Oregon Yearly Meeting) began sending missionaries to Bolivia to support a handful of Friends churches that had started among the Aymara people located around and close to Lake Titicaca. That handful of churches eventually grew into a yearly meeting that now consists of over 200 churches and includes other people groups located throughout the country. The official name of this yearly meeting is Iglesia Nacional Evangelica Los Amigos (INELA). Since 2002 there are no longer missionaries from NWYM residing in Bolivia, but frequent trips are made in order to stay in relationship and cooperate on projects.

While there, our team will connect with Timoteo Choque and his wife, Elizabeth, who are third-generation Quakers in Bolivia. They have two young adult children. The whole family lives in the city of La Paz. Timoteo is the superintendent oYCEW Global 2016 Teamf INELA. Elizabeth likes to support special activities for youth, children, and families. All four members of this family have musical talent.

The team will get to experience the culture through sight-seeing, home stays, and worshiping alongside Bolivian Friends.

Along with prayerfully supporting the team, you can also support them financially. Donations can be made through the Northwest Yearly Meeting’s PayPal, just indicate that your contribution is intended for a YCEW team member.

Stay updated with the YCEW Team while they are in Bolivia by following their blog:ycewbolivia2016.wordpress.com

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