Stamps for Right Sharing of World Resources

We are collecting stamps for Right Sharing of World Resources. This excellent Quaker organization makes micro loans to women in Kenya, India, and Sierra Leone. Donating used stamps helps to support the powerful work of this organization. For information on the stamp program, go here. For information on Right Sharing of World Resources, go here. Stamps brought to the church will be batched and sent on to Right Sharing via Sierra-Cascades Quarterly Meeting on February 29.

Who knew that used postage stamps could be worth so much?  Collectors and… Quakers!  Since 2009, the Quaker Missions Stamp Project has raised over $12,500 from used stamps that have been sent in, sorted, and sold. And all it takes is people like us saving and sending in our stamps!

Do you have some stamps at home?  Old letters or greeting cards with stamps still stuck on them? Bring them to North Seattle Friends Church. They will be donated to RSWR.  Your stamp, just like the RSWR grants, will be used over and over again in practical ministry with people whose lives you will help change.

The stamp program now accepts stamps of all issue dates and countries, both used and unused stamps, sheets of stamps, albums or boxed collections of stamps.

Please note we are only able to process and sell stamps and not other collectibles (including greeting cards and postcards). In order for the stamps to be saleable, please follow these guidelines:

Foreign stamps (excluding Canada): These may be left on the postcard or envelope, especially if the envelope has some special drawing or indication of the country. There are collectors who like to receive a whole envelope or postcard with a foreign stamp.

USA and Canada stamps: Cut the stamp(s) off the envelope or postcard. Leave the perforations on the stamps. Leave 1/4 inch to 1/8 inch around the stamp so the whole stamp is preserved, including the perforations. When there is more than one stamp, treat the group as a unit.

Peelable stamps: Please leave these on the envelope paper. If you try to peel them off of the paper, they stick to other stamps, and damage both.

Nonprofit and presorted mail stamps: All stamps are acceptable, but we want to be financially effective. Please do not include nonprofit or presorted stamps, so we are not paying postage for something of little value.