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For a local church, our library is quite good—particularly in the Quaker section.


A  ministry led by North Seattle Friends Church membersGood News Assoicates Website

GOOD NEWS Associates is a Christian, nonprofit, ministry organization supporting individuals who are called to non-institutional ministries.


Faithfulness to God’s call doesn’t always match the regular slots that life provides us. In fact, it appears that God is raising up a wonderful assortment of gifts and ministries that don’t fit into the regular institutional positions for ministry at all. People are finding themselves called to do work for which there is no job or paycheck attached.


GOOD NEWS Associates understands this challenge and supports people called to non-institutional Christian ministries in the fields of writing, speaking and teaching, art, music, drama, and dance; contemplative prayer, and service.


GOOD NEWS Associates walks with individuals as they are led by the Spirit of God, liberating them to be obedient to the unfolding shape of their calls. The organization also offers professional identity, ministry infrastructure, networking and synergy, discernment and accountability.


Associates are the heart of the organization. They are persons whose have affiliated their ministry with GOOD NEWS Associates. They are supported by a combination of contributions and ministry related income. They fully participate in the privileges and responsibilities of the organization.


GOOD NEWS Associates began under the vision and leadership of Jan Wood, Director and Associate, incorporated as a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization in 1998. Board members include Marge Abbott, Noah Merrill, Julie Peyton, Jonathan Vogel-Borne, Lorraine Watson, and Becky Wood.


A retreat center owned by  Puget Sound area Friends ChurchesQuaker Cove Website
Quaker Cove is located on the Similk Bay near Anacortes, WA. Folks from North Seattle Friends are active on the board and work up at the camp. The camp is available for retreats for groups or individuals wanting to spend time in a beautiful and quiet setting.