Our Staff

Charity Sandstrom



C HARITY SANDSTROM is a seasoned Friends Minister who brings an emphasis on Divine love and grace to every encounter. She has a Master of Arts in Theological Studies from Portland Seminary and nearly two decades of experience ministering in Friends Churches. On any given day you may find Charity reading a good book, writing, composing, baking, drinking coffee with her husband Rich or hanging out with their three children. Whether preaching a sermon or conversing over coffee her message remains: God is closer than you suspect, and loves you more than you can imagine.

Patty Federighi

Director of Quilting


Patty Federighi’s ministry of quilting is a gift to us all. North Seattle Friends Church has a rich history of quilting, including: Stone Soup Quilters, who make quilts for cancer patients in hospitals (meeting Monday mornings at 10am) and the “Peace Through Pieces” a ministry that offers quilt making as one means of trauma healing for central African women’s support groups. In December 2005, Patty and Carolann Palmer went to Burundi to research starting a quilting ministry. In December 2006, they returned and taught classes in quilting. In April 2007, Patty returned to see how they were doing, and they exceeded all expectations.