Sunday Meetings for Worship

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Programmed Meeting for Worship, Sunday, 11:00 am

As Quakers we gather in Meeting for Worship, expecting the Living God to speak directly to each one of us. All elements of Meeting for Worship are infused with a Quaker perspective.

Friends acknowledge the power of proclamation into the world. Sound is perpetual—therefore we sing God’s love and truth into the world.

Each person can have a direct and unique experience of God. We learn about the love of God by hearing the way God is working in each others’ lives. In God stories we are creating a safe place where every person can share what is real in his/her life.

Kershner Jon Jessica Lucy

Lucy is now able to sit up during worship… albeit only for about 10 minutes…

The center of worship is Open Worship. The intent of open worship is to create the spaciousness of silence so that each person can hear for his/her own self. Often times we “hear”/sense God quite clearly during this time. The question we then ask is: is this message for me alone, for another time/situation, or am I to share it with the group?

Pastoral Friends usually have a message during the worship service. But this is not the centerpiece of our gathered meeting. It is one of the ways that the Spirit teaches and guides—but the sermon is as much under the immediate leadership of the Holy Spirit as is sharing in Open Worship. The message is open ended with the expectation that God will continue to illumine individuals and the group around the topic. All messages—from open worship and the sermon—are to be held in listening expectation as we leave our time together.

Meeting for Worship concludes at the Leading of the Spirit. We simply wait together until it seems that we are released to move out of our gathered space.  While the time varies, it is usually sometime around 12:15 or 12:30 pm. At the end of worship is the beginning of service and ministry.

Silent Worship and Meditation, Sunday, 8:30-9:15 am

The Meeting Room is open for silent worship and meditation. All are welcome.

Spoken Messages in Meeting for Worship

Spoken messages from Meetings for Worship are available here in written and audio formats. Messages are generally uploaded within a couple of weeks after the Sunday when the message was shared in worship.