Dear Friends,
Have you ever noticed how glorious it is to sit in a circle and sing God’s praises…. hearing beloved voices of God beside you? Sometimes it lifts us to our feet where we can breathe more fully and easily look around to catch the glance of God through a friend’s eyes. Sometimes we might even join with the hands of God beside us!
On May 7th, these praises will be inviting all this, plus the option of God in motion.
The circle of chairs will still be there for seated praising; and within that circle of chairs, some of God’s hands will join to experience the whirlpool of God…. stepping together to the right or left, or coming in raising arms and going back again to once more expand the Circle of God.
Will you join us for any of the day’s delights in-person or on zoom?
Sunday, May 7th


North Seattle Friends Church
17900 Linden Avenue North
Shoreline, Washington 98133
10am  Meeting for Worship


11am  Coffee/Tea/Nibblin’


11:30am – 1:00pm  Peace Dancing
 Suggested Donation for the Dance : $10


You are welcome regardless of funds!
Given the nature of moving in space together,

your in-person presence will likely be most meaningful.

If that is not an option for you,
Please contact us for the Zoom link.
Most of the time a Peace Dance gathering encompasses sacred phrases from a variety of wisdom traditions from around the world. Our Dance on May 7th will be all or almost completely calling upon the Christ-inspired spirituality. I have no doubt that your attendance will reinforce Christ’s presence in the room, which is greatly appreciated!
We will sing in English, Latin, and Jesus’s native tongue of Aramaic.
Some phrases (and melodies) will likely be familiar. The phrases, music and movements are taught; and generally short and repetitive, which may allow one to get into a meditative state in motion.
Presence in Spirit, rather than perfection, is the invitation. And we will accept whatever gifts God offers us.
Gratitude from and Questions to Ka at or 206 856-8912.